Do you want to teach in the Online School of Food Design©?

Do you have an idea for an online course on Food Design?

Great! The Online School of Food Design© opens its virtual doors to you!

Anyone with a great idea for an online course on Food Design can now submit a proposal, and start a course in the Online School of Food Design©.

As a teacher in the Online School of Food Design©, you will receive a 75% commission for every course sold. You will benefit from

- an established school and community like the Online School of Food Design©

- a web system that automatically handles payments

- the marketing already in place for the Online School of Food Design© (paid advertisement and social media presence)

- no monetary investment!

- no website coding or design, and basically the hassle free life that allows you to only worry about what is really important: teaching and communicating with students! And yes... getting payed too =)

Instructions for Course Proposal:
  • The Course Proposal should include: a 500 words written description (let me know what it's about!), the course Curriculum (time for details... =), and one Video lecture (show me your style! =)
  • The written description should be 500 words long. It should describe 1) the content of the course, 2) the purpose of the course, 3) and to whom it is addressed (who would take this course?
  • The course Curriculum should include: 1) The list of sections, and lectures in each section, 2) a brief description of the content of each lecture, 3) and how the lecture will be delivered: video or text. Please read the Instructions for Course Content below.
  • The example of Video lecture should be a full lecture delivered through a video. Please read the Instructions for Course Content below. This Video lecture should be an example of your style of delivery for video content.
  • The topic of the course should be a specific topic within Food Design. The course should not be on Food Design in general, but should be more specific. the course can not be on a Food Design process, or on Design Thinking, or on Food Design Thinking.
  • For cohesiveness, the course should embrace the definition of Food Design given by Francesca Zampollo, and the sub-categorisation presented by Francesca Zampollo (see course What is Food Design?)
  • The Course Proposal should be emailed to Francesca Zampollo at

Instructions for Course Content:
  • At least 75% of the content of your course must be delivered through VIDEOS.
  • The course should be divided into different sections. Each section should have different lectures.
  • Video lectures can consist of ppt slides plus your voice, or you talking to the camera. If you choose the second option I recommend having some overlaying key words to help students follow you.
  • Video lectures should be between 5 and 10 minutes long. An occasional 12 min max video is acceptable.
  • In Video lectures text must be concise and easy to follow (keywords). Vides, including videos with ppt slides you talking, should include relevant images.
  • Video lectures should look as professional as possible. if you don't have editing skills, I advise working with someone who does.
  • Whenever you mention a designer, or the author of a book or an academic article, websites or academic references should be included in writing (in the case of Video lectures there is room below the video on the lecture webpage).
  • You are highly encouraged to create Quizzes at the end of every lecture.
  • You are encouraged to create design activities at the end of each section. These should give students the chance to exercise what they have just learnt.
  • Your course should have at least one Video lecture available as a free preview. This video lecture should have the same style as the rest of the video lectures in your course.
  • The course must be delivered in English.
  • The price for the course will be discussed and agreed by you, the author, and Francesca Zampollo.

Once your course is approved you will have an Author (teacher) profile in the Online School of Food Design©.
This will allow you to:
  • Create the course by uploading the video lectures, text and any other type of content. You won't have to worry about graphic design for the course itself. All you need to prepare are the video lectures, text lectures, links, references and whatever else necessary.
  • See your course.
  • See the profile of the students enrolled in your course and send them emails.
  • Set up your Payout Details. Both the school owner (Francesca Zampollo) and their affiliates are paid for signups 30 days after the end of the month in which a sale was made. This 30-day period is necessary to account for any refunds, since students have 30 days to request a refund on any course purchased. Payouts are handled through PayPal.
  • Once the course is uploaded and ready, it should remain UNPUBLISHED until it has been reviewed by Francesca Zampollo, and the price has been agreed.

READY? Looking forward to having you on board, by adding another virtual classroom to this virtual school!

For any question, just let me know at

Happy Food Design!