Food Design Thinking

The complete Food Design Thinking Methodology: the food creativity process for food companies, food services, chefs, food designers, and food enthusiasts.

What is Food Design Thinking?

Food Design Thinking is the process that triggers creativity and leads to innovative, meaningful, and sustainable propositions for new dishes, food products, food events, food services, food systems, and anything in between.



Restaurants, cafes, and other food businesses fail... All the time.

Why? Most articles you’ll find list these reasons: location, lack of people management, lack of accounting skills, bad food execution, poor promotion, poor inventory, etc.

While these causes are all true, nobody talks about the number one reason why food businesses fail: lack of good ideas.


"Never before a complete Food Design

Thinking methodology has been developed.

This is the result of years of study and

research, and something I'm really proud of.

I can't wait to share it".

Francesca Zampollo Ph.D.

What is the difference between Food Design and Food Design Thinking?

Food Design is the Design discipline concerned with everything around food and the act of eating. Food Design Thinking is the process that leads to generating new and innovative ideas for any food and eating related project.

What is the difference between Food Design Thinking and Design Thinking?

What makes Food Design Thinking, is a series of specifically designed tools and techniques. These are designed to trigger creativity for projects around food, and could not, for example, be used in a general Design Thinking process. While it is appropriate to use a Design Thinking process for food projects, I argue that when designing food and around the act of eating, adopting a Food Design Thinking process will lead to better and more cohesively designed propositions.


For whom is Food Design Thinking?

Food Design Thinking is for all food lovers, from home cooks to professional chefs, food designers, bakers, restaurant managers, food truck owners, and food entrepreneurs.

Food Design Thinking is for dreamers… for anyone wanting to explore their potentials within Food Design. Food Design Thinking is for those who want to take their food creativity one step forward.

Food Design Thinking is for you

If you are interested in bringing the Food Design Thinking methodology into your practice or business, feel free to get in touch at onlineschooloffooddesign at gmail.com