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Dr. Francesca Zampollo
Dr. Francesca Zampollo
English | Italian

Francesca will help you to:

  • Write and strenghten your BA, M, or PhD Design and research project
  • Define or create your unique creative process
  • Broaden your approach to Sustainable Food Design and Systemic Thinking
  • Broaden your Food Design horizon
  • Find your unique Food Design path
Jashan Sippy
Jashan Sippy
English | Hindi

Jashan will help you to:

  • Creatively communicate any project
  • Learn 3D Food Printing skills
  • Find inspiration in the most unassuming places
  • Design memorable eating events
  • Use food to trigger all senses
Lukas Dillinger
Lukas Dillinger
English | German

Lukas will help you to:

  • Become a food system designer 
  • Get support you with your regional development project on food
  • Innovate and act now within your food system 
  • Get on track with your business idea and preneurship on food 
  • Develop your own innovative and regenerative food system mindset
Ana Gutman
Ana Gutman
English | Spanish

Ana will help you to:

  • Observe and address the inner journey within your creative journey
  • See food as a means of expression
  • Find your confidence in visual expression
  • Communicate your food ideas effectively
Maud de Rohan Willner
Maud de Rohan Wilner
English | French

Maud will help you to:

  • Support you with university and career choices
  • Help you understand all the possibilities you have within food design
  • Help you in your food journey with her wide cookbook knowledge
  • Help you question your thought process & dig deeper in your research and food design practice
Julia Varela
Julia Varela Tarancon
English | Spanish

Julia will help you to:

  • Detect new opportunities for your category
  • Understand how to position your product or brand
  • Create your concept card to validate with consumers
  • Organize consumer interviews & product validation sessions
  • Create workshops to inspire teams on current & future trends
Jean Boudillon
Jean Boudillon
English | French

Jean will help you to:

  • Grow your own community around your story, your Why and your values
  • Build in public and co-create products with your community
  • Develop your personal branding and leadership through content creation and event organisation
Alex Marin
Alex Marin
English | Spanish

Alex will help you to:

  • Design and construction of brands with purpose
  • Sustainability and Food Marketing Specialist
  • Food Innovation
  • Canvas Business Model - Strategize
Omar Gómez Gil
English | Spanish

Omar will help you to:

  • Design and construction of brands with purpose
  • Find your brand image
  • Find Pillars, values, mission from your sustainable and purposeful brand
Beth Massa

Beth will help you to:

  • Advice on how to start and why to start
  • Focus on what is important in the customer journey
  • Advice on getting your first investment, pre seed/seed
  •  Advice on what NOT to do
Júlia Dalmadi
English | Polish

Júlia will help you to:

  • Find product market fit
  • Supply chain networking
  •  Strategize on future scenarios
Samer Simreen
English | German

Samer will help you to:

  • General guidance in growth and corporate development
  • Operations and technical requirements of food facilities
  •  Prepare for scaling
Lucas Posada
English | Spanish | Portuñol

Lucas will help you to:

  • Mentorship in the design of your food innovation and regenerative food business.
  • Learn and discuss about the ecology of food, food systems, food design thinking and food activism.
  •  Find ways to multiply the impact you wish for
Sami Simreen
English | French | Arabic

Sami will help you to:

  • Build a purpose driven brand that builds customer loyalty 
  • Build deep understanding of your customer to build relevant solutions
  •  Rapid solution development, testing and iteration
Katarzyna Młynarczyk
English | Polish

Kate will help you to:

  • Gather and analyse the data about the industry and business
  • Understand business models and implement them to grow the business
  • Create the journey of the customer and map opportunities
  • Design solutions that impact the greater good and minimize the waste
Vanshaj Kapur

Vanshaj will help you to:

  • Help develop the right mindset for entrepreneurship
  • Defining your brand
  • How to identify your target market
  • Positioning your business
  • How to strengthen your brand communitcation online
  • Designing a website that sells
  •  How to build a D2C brand
Jean-Paul Close
Jean-Paul Close
English | Spanish | Dutch

Jean-Paul will help you to:

  • Learn about the Sustainocracy ideology
  • Develop a 4 x WIN way of working as an institution
  • Explore designing for the food and health transition
  • Explore designing for regional air quality and health transition
Marcus Link
English | German

Marcus will help you to:

  • Authentically find an appropriate systemic niche rather than sell out because you don’t see an alternative.
  • Meet you at the raw edge of the more existential experiences and help you see how they contain the real gift/
Orfirah Hogeman-Helstone
English | Dutch

Orfirah will help you to:

  • Find your ideal customer
  • Building customer relationships / Drive performance
  • Growth strategies / Business Cases
  • Retail / Foodservice / Other channels

Evangelos Kontos
English | Greek

Evan will help you to:

  • Venture building consultation
  • Investor readiness
  • Business development

Suubi Nambwayo
English | Luganda

Suubi will help you to:

  • Be investor ready - preparing your business pitch for investor audiences
  • Storytelling - crafting the story of your business
  • Develop business strategy
Mia Holmsen
English | Norwegian | Swedish

Mia will help you to:

  • Integrate sustainability as a value add in your business 
  • Prepare for stakeholders' non-financial expectations 
  •  Sustainability reporting guidance 
Thaís Teixeira Andorffy
English | Portuguese | Spanish

Thaís will help you to:

  • Establishing farming/ agricultural businesses 
  • Starting meaningful projects 
  • Transforming passion/hobby in business/career
Tim Elfring
English | Dutch

Tim will help you to:

  • Discover the ‘why’
  • Visualize the end goal
  • Design road map
  • Execute, execute and execute
Lily Ciric Hoffman
English | Serbian | Croatian | Bosnian | Macedonian

Lily will help you to:

  • Conduct user research
  • Synthesize findings
  • Start a community from scratch
  • Create courses or start an online school
  • Apply design thinking to plan for your idea

Jasper Udink ten Cate

Jasper will help you to:

  • Create strategy to achieve your goals  
  • Brainstorm  
  • Create brand strategy  
  • Telling stories with food  
  • Strategize on Future Scenarios  
  • Help to monetize your Fooddesign business
Lara Hanlon

Lara Will help you to:

  • Understand your audience
  • Craft a business plan
  • Public speaking
Soledad Corbo
Spanish | English

Soledad will help you to:

  • Design a creative and innovative food experiences
  • Create new gastronomic concept, food product and significant service
  • Apply food design to restaurants and more.
  • Acquire practical tools for everyday use to create innovative proposals
  • Food Entrepreneurship management. Advice about the benefits of incorporating food design in the business.
Agustina Vitola
English | Spanish

Agustina will help you to:

  • Design a creative and innovative food event experience
  • Create new gastronomic concept, food product and significant service
  • Apply food design to gastronomic heritage
  • Acquire practical tools for everyday use to create innovative proposals
Nicole Vindel
English | Spanish

Nicole will help you to:

  • Find your purpose in your practice
  • Create a narrative for your project
  • Elevate your projects
  •  Add randomness in your creative process
Fransisca Tan
English | German

Fransisca will help you with:

  • Brand Development
  • Funding Proposal Writing
  • Strategic Planning
  • User-Centered Design
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Networking and Collaboration
  •  Market Research and Trend Analysis
Ellen Gonzalez
English | Portuguese | French

Ellen will help you to:

  • Design functional food related spaces 
  • Think about your food business in a systemic, circular, sustainable perspective
  • Design food experiences beyond taste
  • Value the origin of food, producers and processes
  • Design seasonal, minimum waste, and integral use of food menus
  •  Understand food businesses social impacts and opportunities
Stephanie Lykourgou
English | Greek

Stephanie will help you with:

  • Building your Environmental Social Governance strategy 
  • Retail & hospitality industry insights
  • Find your personal/ brand purpose
  • Build a business (and life) with congruence between your values, passions, actions and words
  • Remove obstacles hindering your personal/professional progress, discover opportunities through greater access to your own internal wisdom, and get confident about your direction

Héctor Zamora
English | Spanish

Héctor will help you to:

  • Connect the essence of your idea with key business metrics (what do you want to measure, why, and how can you measure it realistically)
  • Scaling your business idea, what will be important to prove, growing your team and thinking about hiring (developing job descriptions and hiring protocols)
  • Developing Onboarding & Training Programs that will ensure the success of your new hires
  • What you should know before expanding your operations to Latin America
  •  Connecting you with experts and organisations working in the fields of agroecology and regenerative agriculture
Cinzia Fontana
English | Italian

Cinzia will help you to:

  • Finding your brand image, brand strategy and brand voice for food products
  • Finding packaging solutions
  • Strategic promotion, event and interior design by implementing design thinking processes
  • Planning food operations for restaurants or food shops
  • Solutions for catering or workshops
  • Research and development in finding new area of interest for product or brand
  • Changing your career path
Jane Armour-Raudon

Jane will help you to:

  • Identify How, Why and When to start
  • Co-design a roadmap which will save you time and money on your product journey
  • Support you to discover innovation in your product
  • Development of lo-fi prototyping and testing
  •  To build an authentic, connected business
Elise Coudré
Elise Coudré
English | Dutch

Elise will help you to:

  • Find your creative voice
  • Experimentation as part of research and development
  • Gain confidence as a creative professional
Hannerie Visser

Hannerie will help you to:

  • Putting together a pitch deck / business proposal 
  • Launching a new brand (your own or for a client)
  • How to approach a new creative brief
  • Strategize on future scenarios
  •  Business mentoring (from business plan, brand ID development to day to day running of your business)
Mónica Guerra Rocha
Portuguese | English | Portuñol

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