Food System Design Localised

by Lukas dillinger

Our food can be the key to solving the biggest challenges we face. But where could you start to change your food system and how to take action now?

By re-designing food systems as an urgent matter, a responsibility and an amazing job opportunity. Have a look at a food system designer's case study, get an idea about the broad working field and have a feeling about what you need to get this job done and ongoing. 

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  • Food system design localized
  • Approaching food system design
  • Guiding questions
  • A new SET of minds
  • Concept of localization
  • Building food innovation
  • ecosystems
  • Local case study
  • Innovation in place
  • Edible experience

Meet Lukas:

Lukas is an innovation strategist, food system designer, foodpreneur, educator and speaker from Germany. He has a background in economics and completed his master's degree — food culture, communication & marketing — at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Northern Italy. For the last six years he has been developing the topic of "Food System Design" on a regional, national and European level. Until 2022, he was project leader of an innovative regional development project of the Free State of Bavaria to establish more sustainability in regional food systems. Lukas is part of the innovation ecosystem of the Food Campus Berlin and part of the Food & Climate Shapers program of the Future Food Institute, teaches at universities, is speaker about regenerative food systems, works with chefs and gastronomy to develop “innovation in place on a regional scale”.

This booklet is an extract of the online course “Food System Design localised”, a collaboration project between the Online School of Food Design and Lukas Dillinger @lukasmovingfood