What are the implications of technology having taken over our food systems on our consumption habits? 🍽️

Is social media to blame for the rising obesity and disordered eating habits of our younger generations? 🤳

How aware are we of what’s going on behind the scenes in our food systems from farm to fork and how technology is infiltrating our food? 🚚


Jashan Sippy is a 3D food printing expert and green building certified architect specialized in the design for spaces of food. He is the founder of Sugar and Space, a creative agency dedicated to transforming the way we perceive food everyday.

After pursuing an M.Sc. in International Business from the HULT International Business School specializing in entrepreneurship, Jashan took on a management role at Candytopia, a made-for-Instagram pop-up art installation inspired by candy – Willy Wonka in real life!

Jashan has co-founded Barcelona-based Food Design Nation, a collaborative platform for food designers and is the founding editor of “FDzeeN: Art, Culture, and Design for Sustainable Food Systems”. He has served as the food and space correspondent for The Dutch Institute of Food & Design. He is also Director at the Online School of Food Design

There’s no denying that tech has transformed food supply chains, connecting farmers and restaurants with more customers through better ways of working together. Who knows what the future will bring. Maybe we’ll have robot chefs whipping up meals in our kitchens, or even a 3D food printer to replace your microwave. Jashan Sippy already has his, and has been innovating with it since 2019.

EAT 2033

aims to pose questions and address how new technology is transforming how we will continue to eat in the coming years. 

This e-book contains a free at-home food experiment.