The Online School of Food Design founded by Dr. Francesca Zampollo, PhD in 2016 and powered by Food Design Nation since 2021 is a transdisciplinary multimodal experiential learning platform. By combining topics around food, creativity of all kinds, and sustainability (social, environmental or economic), we envision breaking the barriers of our current means of education; With the ultimate goal of empowering a talented cohort of enthusiasts dedicated to improving our global food systems.

Through varied learning approaches and hands-on workshops via expert-driven practise, we offer are a range of courses from international professionals having diverse creative backgrounds. Our courses are content-based and practise-based and available in prerecorded, live and hybrid formats. Each varies in duration. Through our mindful, diverse and resilient community of creators, we are taking baby steps to create the world we want to live in.

Our founding team has a combined 25+ years of experience teaching food design related courses at well-known universities worldwide including London Metropolitan University, Auckland University of Technology, ELISAVA, HULT International Business School, California College of the Arts, IED Barcelona, Academy of Architecture Mumbai, and University of San Francisco.


An opportunity to give what we have and take what we need: Through teaching and learning, we’re creating more of what we want to see in the world!

- Dr. Francesca Zampollo, Founder


Founder and Chief of Inspiration

Dr. Francesca Zampollo is a Food Design researcher, consultant, teacher, and keen public speaker. Francesca has a PhD in Design Theory applied to Food Design, and she is the founder of the Online School of Food Design©. Francesca has spent the last eight years developing the Food Design Thinking methodology, as a food-specific branch of Design Thinking. She is the founding editor of the International Journal of Food Design, the first and only academic publication for this discipline. She is the founder of the International Food Design Society, and has organised the first, second, and third International Conference on Food Design. Francesca has taught Food Design and Design Theory at London Metropolitan University, Auckland University of Technology, and now at her Online School of Food Design.

“We’re encouraging young minds to reconsider our global food systems creatively, and explore how we can incorporate 'sustainability' into our lives.”

- Jashan Sippy, Director


Director and Head of Vibes

Jashan Sippy is a green building architect and founder of Sugar and Space, a creative agency based between Mumbai and San Francisco. His architectural research, Gastronomy & Architecture: Multisensory Experiences formed the basis of his unconventional practice. His work ranges from designing spaces of food and creating food installations including signature 'Al Dente Walls' made of upcycled pasta, conceptualizing and hosting a variety of engaging eating experiences across the globe, and transforming food waste into 3D printed food. Jashan pursued an M.Sc. in International Business in the US, specializing in entrepreneurship. He lectures at universities of design, hospitality, entrepreneurship and anthropology globally. Certified by the European Bartender School and Kiev International Culinary Academy, Jashan has been the food and space correspondent for the Dutch Institute of Food and Design.

“Sometimes 'change' can seem like an empty promise;

We're working hard to make it meaningful again!”

- Nicole Vindel, Director


Creative Advisor and Chief Heart Officer

Nicole Vindel leads her own Barcelona-based studio of Arts and Design specialized in food. Born in Guatemala, with Chinese and European roots, she has been living between Tel Aviv and Barcelona. A close to knomad lifestyle allowed her work to get inspired by diverse contexts, bridging the narratives of art and cultures around the world. In her artworks she opens the possibility to alternative “ustopic” futures of food, smart tableware, and even creates the rituals of today’s culture. In 2016 she co-founded the art collective Random Happiness, which uses happiness as a revolutionary tool. She has had the pleasure of collaborating with entities such as FoodCultura Foundation, el Celler de Can Roca and the Tate Exchange.

“Learning is like feeding our souls. Through food we bring people together to share knowledge and create a new form of community.”

- Zsofi Eleki, Head of Content Marketing


Head of Content Marketing

Zsofi Eleki is a professionally trained pastry chef and passionate food fanatic from Budapest. She has a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration with a focus on entrepreneurship and a Micro M.Sc. in Digital Marketing. As a true career chameleon, she started out in the marketing team of a high-end luxury cosmetics brand before moving to Culinary Arts. Immediately falling in love with French food, Zsofi has worked in an array of different venues for over half a decade, ranging from two-Michelin star restaurants to local establishments, immersing herself in the world of hospitality business. In the last two years she was responsible for expanding the social network of Sojoourn, Lyon’s leading service provider for expatriates. In her free time, she is a GameMaster for YouFoodishPeople, where she animates creative and fun escape games designed around food.

“I love true soul food, nurturing, memory inspiring and connection driven food, and wish all food connected with our souls”

- Juan Sebastián Rubiano Chona, Head of Synergies


Head of Synergies

Juan Sebastián is a soon to graduate Chemical Engineer from Bogotá, Colombia. He is passionate on impacting people and the planet through food product design and innovation in the agrifood industry.

He is the Co-Founder at Koji es Transformación and an active member of the Slow Food Movement, his first food innovation project and what got him into Food Design is Koji Burger, an aged beef burger brand that seeks to overcome the current hurdles in the Colombian beef market with japanese inspired technological innovation and attention to detail in sustainable sourcing and practices.


Ambassador of Synergies

Born and raised in Lebanon, Nour is a product design graduate from Academie Libanaise des Beaux Arts. A creative, passionate, enthusiastic person, Nour embraces life’s challenges with delight. She strives to create an ultimate experience, detailing every aspect to perfection - trying to create a sense of community and connections with her surroundings, engaging and communicating her thoughts in fun and imaginative ways.

Food, is a subject that caught her interest, and has always been a way for Nour to create a community where together we can share traditions, cultures and stories that make up who we are.By making us more self-conscious of our surroundings, food can help keep us true to our identity and true nature. Nour is a curious seeker endlessly wanting to learn more about what life has yet to unveil.

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